RMP is a Public Relations company where we specialize in both the medical and healthcare industries.

With 20 years of experience we are well known and work across all the Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Icealand and Finland.

Focus on Results

Our primary focus is on media communication (PR) but we also believe in exerting influence on those target groups that we identify with our clients (PA/lobbying).

RMP knows that the best results are achieved when PR and PA are in sync and work together. We particularly specialise in physician/patient congresses, annual meetings and seminars and are always present during the yearly politician week in Almedalen and similar events to promote our clients interests.


When done well, Public Relations (PR) makes sure that the right information and the right message reaches the right recipient at the right time. Our aim is to generate interest in a product or a company, or else enhancing and nurturing a brand.

The media landscape constantly changes, with new channels which impose new demands on the ability to actively work with a company’s communication strategy. RMP has a wide-ranging expertise and long-standing experience of strategic communication for all types and sizes of companies and organisations.


Public Affairs (PA, lobbying) involves strategic and operational activities aimed at promoting the interests of a company/organisation in the best way towards its various target groups at different times. PA may frequently concern the political processes but it will also involve promoting activities and measures necessary to maintain and develop a position and a level of confidence and goodwill in our client. We specialize in the launches (and pre-launches) of products and have a long-standing experience of working in a strategic and goal-oriented manner to find the most suitable paths to success in each individual and unique case.

Our Services


Qualified advice and guidance regarding PR and PA measures.


Goal-oriented PR plans with measurable outcomes and analyses.


Media and business intelligence analysis.


Reports, research and mapping activities.


Political risk analysis and strategy.


Measures aimed at imparting influence in relation to healthcare policy.


Influencers marketing


Press officers


Organising meetings and seminars


Crisis management

Lena Bergling

Communications Consultant

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Annika Eliasson

Communications Consultant

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Visiting address: Convendum, Kungsgatan 9, 111 43 Stockholm, Sweden.